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Today, i restart journalling.

It’s been years since I last blogged. I stopped because I prioritized working. I stopped partly because I was always torn between writing what I want to write, the way I want to write it versus writing it so people would read. I also stopped because I didn’t like reading “hater” comments on my blog posts with ridiculous accusations.

But i have been thinking for a while now what my passion truly is, and what is it that God wants me to love other than Himself, N, and all the people He has blessed me with? And I have come to realize… Im not crazy about music or soccer or any specific activity but Im really passionate about life that God has blessed me with. I think every second is a gift and we shouldn’t waste our time. I also love food and travel! And I have actually had multiple requests for me to start a food blog.

So today, i have decided I will make them to take pit stops to write. to reflect. I won’t bother about writing to perfection!!! Will focus on:

  • Eat – food glorious food!!! 🙂
  • Pray – to give social causes some digital coverage, and also my thoughts, reflections and struggles i have had over the years (and still having) to encourage my readers
  • Fly – travel!! 🙂

My vision in keeping this blog is to:

  • encourage many women who may be struggling with similar issues as me to overcome and grow together. you are so not alone. Im a really ordinary person who have managed to overcome some difficulties in life. in my journey ahead till God calls me home, i want to keep pushing my limits and I hope my journal will help u do the same.
  • grow to a decent readership and I wish for a hotel to eventually sponsor 10 children from Worldvision India to visit their hotel and experience a 4D3N stay with activities. It may be something we, in the developed countries, take for granted, but it’s something I hope to do in 2 years to let these kids experience world outside their village and be inspired  when they are back in their village to break out of the poverty cycle.

Do keep letting me know how I could improve to achieve these 2 goals:)

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