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Sala Phuket

I went to Sala Phuket a while ago, but Sala Phuket remains one of my favourite boutique resorts in the region so I decided to do a post-dated feature. I have also stayed in Marriott and Twin Palms in Phuket but looking back, the memories of Sala Phuket still beats the rest for me. Not my best set of photos either (wasn’t thinking of having a blog previously) but I will let the pictures do the talking!


First view of Sala Phuket – Welcoming peaceful still shallow waters and zen landscaping

Phuket 029

Lots of space and green after the Sala Phuket reception

Phuket 006

It was a local Thai festival so they had a team to dress up and welcome the guests

In the Garden Pool Villa, the bedroom overlooked an outdoor veranda, gardens and a private swimming pool, which I felt was really private as it was a walled up garden, and the people living on top did not have windows to look down.

Phuket 016

View from bedroom

Phuket 127

View of room from garden (top floor is another unit)

Phuket 019

Seats to chill and reflect

Phuket 018

Lovely full size terrazzo bathtub and outdoor shower (But beware of lizards at night!)

Sala Phuket also has an award winning Beach Restaurant. My food shots were really bad so I won’t share them as they won’t do justice to the food, but you will definitely get to try if you stayed in Sala as they offer free breakfast. I loved how the poolview at breakfast immediately relaxes the mind and body.

Phuket 102

Poolview from Breakfast area


Whimsical washroom design at the restaurant

Phuket 077

View of restaurant from the beach

Phuket 067

Another pool near the beach and restaurant

I also tried the inhouse spa in Sala; it was thoroughly relaxing and I recall being pampered like a princess. The decor of the spa was spacious and floral which helped in relieving stress in the mind and body.

Phuket 114

Spacious spa washroom – bigger than my room at home

Phuket 116

Spa Waiting Area

Phuket 119

Pretty Flowers at the Waiting Area

Phuket 033

Interesting Modern Decor

My favourite part of Sala Phuket is how the beach is just minutes walk away from our room. I caught some gorgeous sunsets and just enjoyed strolling along the beach, enjoying the view, with the comfort of having the room nearby if it got too hot.

Phuket 047

Gorgeous Sunset

Phuket 048

Pink hue is the sun setting behind the clouds

Phuket 070

Graduated tint behind the soft trees (non edited)

Phuket 107

Random Beach shot in the day

Sala remains my favourite stay in Phuket – highly recommended if you need a quick recharge getaway. Also trust the Sala chain as I had a WOW experience in Sala Khaoyai as well. Looking forward to more boutique resorts from Sala’s team!

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa
333 Moo 3 Mai Khao Beach, Thalang District,
Phuket, Thailand 83110

Phone: +66 (0) 76 338 888


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