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Lunch Treat for 21 Special Teenagers from Mountbatten Vocational School @ French Ladle

Those who have been following EatPrayFlying would know one of our purposes is to grow to a decent readership to help with social causes, related to children, learning and old folks. Hence, I am so glad that I manage to marry my full time work with EatPrayFlying, where my team at work helped to organize a team building day last Friday. We brought 21 special teenagers and 2 teachers from Mountbatten Vocational School, affiliate of the Singapore School for the Deaf, to French Ladle, and treated them to a sumptuous buffet lunch.

Through our team building day, I learnt that Mountbatten Vocational School (formerly known as Vocational School for the Handicapped) was established in 1975 to train our deaf youths to be skilled workers. Due to the needs of the community, it opened up to students with various learning disabilities. Currently MVS is an Approved Training Centre to offer the ITE Certificate in Food Preparation and the ITE Certificate in Food & Beverage Service, so the children were quite excited to interact with the owner and chef of French Ladle as well.

It was really heartwarming to hear from them at the end of the day that they really enjoyed the lunch, games and company, as no other volunteers have treated them to lunch before. Thank you all for your readership and I hope to continue to be able to find restaurants and cafes who are willing to host/sponsor such events!


Arriving at Mountbatten Vocational School, affiliate of the Singapore School of the Deaf, to pick the students up!


Welcome message at French Ladle for Mountbatten Vocational School


Happy group of students 🙂


The students very excited to meet Johnny and Lisa – the owners/chef of French Ladle


Menu for the day!



Johnny and Lisa preparing lunch for the students.
Live risotto cooking and lamb carving!


Lunch begins with a healthy Nicoise salad!


Giant rack of lamb



Seafood Risotto in the making!


Chocolate Mousse tarts


Healthy Fruits Platter!


Surprising the January babies with a Birthday Cake!


Happy students enjoying their meals at French Ladle


Get-to-know session, including Kar Leng and Mr Lim, two teachers from Mountbatten Vocational School


Students introducing themselves and their hobbies


Tender moments at games, with friends encouraging each other


Students having fun at team building games


Students having fun at team building games, trying to fit on a piece of newspaper

Mountbatten Vocational school

Selfies with students who cannot exert themselves physically at games

Really want to say thank you to 1) My team at work, who helped to organize this event, 2) Mountbatten Vocational School for fitting us into their timetable, 3) French Ladle owners and chef who hosted the event. Looking forward to being able to host more of these events for social cause related organizations in Singapore! 🙂

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