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Starting my 8th year in P&G

To God be the glory.

Its been 7 years. Thank God for completing 7 longggg years. I still remember reporting for work on day1 and waiting for my laptop with miss E. So cliche but time really flies!

I have learnt, grown and overcome so much because of what my job scope has exposed me too. There have been many mornings I feel like quitting, or simply cannot wake up, or never even slept the night before, but i will myself to work. But amazing coaches, managers, customers, teammates and the people who report to me now inspire me daily and keeps me going! Lotsa encouragement from loved ones have really helped me too.

Thank you God for giving me this job! And I really thank my parents for supporting me over the years otherwise I won’t be able to perform at my peak at work. And also thank God for doors open to be able to reach the team I work with for Christ! What a journey and I pray for humbleness to continue to learn, grow and serve in my working life:) the best is yet to be!

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