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Redeemed Relationships

“Many of us do not enjoy the liberation of redeemed relationships because we are faking peace with one another because we lack the courage and conviction to expose our chronic condition of sin in our troubled relationships, marriages, families and, even, our Christian fellowships.” — Pastor Chris Chia Been reflecting on this point since Paul Tripp’s talk last week on how our Christian walks are all a community project. Of course, Pastor Chris has, as usual, summarized my thoughts more elegantly – we are sinful and need a trusted community to continually point out our sins and help us grow in godliness. It is ironic how we all know we need to be humble, yet, it’s so difficult to take feedback on our sins and opportunities. Even in secular work places, people generally agree that arrogance stands in the way of change that brings about growth and improvement. I, too, as a perfectionist-in-reform find it difficult to take feedback, especially when delivered harshly. I often brood over what people say to me for days even …

It Matters Whom You Marry | THE CHRISTIAN PUNDIT A very good read for Christian Singles or dating couples because “Next to salvation there is no other long term event that will change so many areas of your life so deeply.”

7 Tips for Your Wedding Preparations

Preparing for a wedding can be stressful. Very stressful. Especially if it’s a typical Chinese wedding in Singapore. For those who don’t know me, I recently tied the knot on Jul27, 2013. Was a very happy bride and now, a very happy wife :). Honestly, I am very thankful for the wedding process with N despite the seemingly endless tasks, because going through the process brought us closer together. The wedding prep helped us understand each others’ task-processing style further and hence, appreciate each other more, as one of us could do some types of wedding tasks much better than the other. I do not claim to have a perfect process, but some of my close friends who are brides-to-be have requested content on wedding preparation. So this is my list of things I look out for during the wedding preparation: 1) Start your wedding preparations with PRAYER In fact , we should start everyday with prayer. N and I prayed before running most of our wedding errands but I think we could have prayed …

Iron Sharpens Iron Indeed, a wise friend can make us wiser. I truly believe that we are strongly influenced by the 5 people we spend the most time with. Reflecting, I need to firstly pray to be growing to be more like Jesus – loving, obedient. Then try to live out these qualities to the people closest to me to love and encourage them as well. And lastly, it has become important for me to also make choices on who to spend time with Enough thinking and time to go for Saturday breakfast with Hubbubu and the family 😀

Removing Neediness

The gospel, if it is really believed, removes neediness – the need to be constantly respected, appreciated, and well regarded; the need to have everything in your life go well; the need to have power over others. All of these great, deep needs continue to control you only because the concept of the glorious God delighting in you with all His being is just that – a concept and nothing more. Our hearts don’t believe it, so they operate in default mode. Paul is saying that if you want to really change, you must let the gospel teach you – that is to train, discipline, coach you – over a period of time. You must let the gospel argue with you. You must let the gospel sink down deeply into your heart, until it changes your motivation and views and attitudes. – Tim Keller