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The Truth about Green Juices & Smoothies

Are you always opting for a green juice or smoothie to accompany or replace your meal instead of ingesting the vegetables itself? If you are a wellness champion doing this regularly, you must read on to ensure that you are drinking the right greens for your long term health! Drinking green juices and smoothies is becoming an uptrend among health aficionados, who believe that drinking them every day or a few times each week is healthy and helps in alkalising the body. This is also especially so with numerous celebrities such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Blake Lively who swear by this special diet that makes them feel energised, enjoy glowing skin and shed pounds effortlessly. “Kale, celery, apple, cucumber and a squeeze of lemon. I make my own juice every day at home. It really makes a difference. I can feel my body – everything’s going to way it should and I then I don’t feel guilty if I don’t get to eat my five a day of vegetables.”[1]             …

Raw vegan cheesy kale chips

Recipe: Raw Vegan “Cheesy” Kale Chips

We are in the midst of creating healthy snacks for ourselves, so after experimenting with raw vegan chips a few times, this is the recipe that creates the most cheesy, yummy kale chips that even non-veggie lover friends and family are raving about (and ask us to make more of!) For health benefits of kale, you can read here on! Raw Vegan “Cheesy” Kale Chips Serves 4 usual people, or 1 if you are perpetually hungry like us 🙂 Ingredients: 2 bunch kale – wash and dried 1.5 cup – raw cashews (pre-soak 8 hours to activate) 1 tomato 1 red bell pepper – seeds removed 2 clove garlics – peeled 2 lemons – peeled 1/2 cup nutritional yeast – add more if you like cheesy flavour 2 tablespoon nama shoyu (or soy sauce if cannot find nama shoyu) 1 tablespoon coconut or olive oil Add a dash of any herbs which taste you like e.g. thyme, lemongrass Process: Soak raw cashews with distilled/filtered water in a small bowl and let the cashews soak for at least 8 …

Where to buy Kale in Singapore?

I use Kale for my green juices, vegetables blends and yummy kale chips! But Kale can be hard to find. These are my list of places to buy in Singapore. Please let me know where else we can get good quality organic kale so I can add to the list! Online: Quanfa Organic Farm  Zenxin Organic SG Organic  Supernature Physical shopfront: Zenxin Organic @ Pasir Panjang Jasons Marketplace – we usually go to the one at Marketplace Cold Storage/Giant – selected stores, stocks from Zenxin Organic Nature’s Glory – irregular supply Sunny Choice – irregular supply And for all kale lovers who are too busy to make kale chips, the READY-TO-DO raw, organic healthy option we opt for is Lovinearth Raw Organic Chips!  It is convenient to buy them online with free delivery above $100 (easy to make up $100 if you shop for other eco, organic products from the same store). — Feature image source: