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[Updated] Where to buy good quality Kale in Singapore?

*Updated May 2020

I’m still actively trying out new places to buy Kale in Singapore, my list below has been refreshed with my favourite stores as well as new places that I came across.

I use Kale for my green juices, vegetables blends and yummy kale chipsBut Kale can be hard to find. These are my list of places to buy in Singapore. Please let me know where else we can get good quality organic kale so I can add to the list!

  1. Quanfa Organic Farm 
  2. Zenxin Organic Online Store 
  3. Supernature
  4. Nature’s Glory – previously only available in stores

    *I’ve yet to purchase from these stores below but am planning to give them try sometime soon. They source mindfully and are great choices to support local!
  5. Little Farms 
  6. Ryan’s Grocery – sourced from local farms πŸ™‚
  7. Sasha Fine Foods – sourced from local farms πŸ™‚
Physical shopfront:
  1. Zenxin Organic @ Pasir Panjang
  2. Jasons Marketplace – we usually go to the one at Tanglin mall
  3. Cold Storage/Giant – selected stores, stocks from Zenxin Organic & Sustenir

    *Updates: Nature’s Glory now stock online as well and their kale supply is rather consistent. Little Farms and Ryan’s Grocery (which I’ve yet to try) are source ethically and are rather convenient with multiple locations.
  4. Nature’s Glory @ Jln Pemimpin
  5. Little Farms – available at 4 locations
  6. Ryan’s Grocery – available at 2 locations

And for all kale lovers who are too busy to make kale chips, the READY-TO-DO raw, organic healthy option we opt for is Lovinearth Raw Organic Chips!
*Update: Le Bono no longer stocks them πŸ™ Let us know if you know where we can get it in Singapore πŸ™πŸ»

Loving Earth Raw Organic Red Kale Chips
Loving Earth Raw Organic Red Kale Chips, 40g. Flavoured with special blend of organic carrots and raw cashews, they are the healthiest and tastiest way to get your greens!
Loving Earth Raw Organic Yellow Kale Chips
Loving Earth Raw Organic Yellow Kale Chips

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