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What Causes Cancer? A shocking truth..

I was shocked the first time I heard how and WHY cancer happened. I was also surprised that the medical doctors I have met throughout this journey never explained to me WHY cancer happens at the first place, because we need to know the WHY to get to the prevention/improvement.

This 8 minute video by Shafin de Zane explains well the cancer happens at the first place because our cells are trying to protect itself by mutating, otherwise it would die because it is swimming in a sea of toxins. And also, it shares how cancer can be prevented quite easily. Please do watch this and share with others!

Here are many other great video resources to encourage cancer patients and their family! My mum and I watched a lot of encouraging videos during her recovery journey that not just lifted our spirits, but also educated our minds.
These are great videos on health for everyone, really. Not just cancer patients.
Sharing this collection of free videos I could find online to encourage you all too!

Please let me know if there are more I can add to this list!

Forbidden Cures of Cancer:

Dying to Have Known (Gerson Therapy):

Cancer is Curable Now:

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (Reversing Autoimmune Disease with juicing):

Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (with Raw Food diet)

Thrive (Bear with the first 20 minutes that might seem so out-there but the second half include interesting perspectives on health industry)

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