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What Causes Cancer? A shocking truth..

I was shocked the first time I heard how and WHY cancer happened. I was also surprised that the medical doctors I have met throughout this journey never explained to me WHY cancer happens at the first place, because we need to know the WHY to get to the prevention/improvement.

This 8 minute video by Shafin de Zane explains well the cancer happens at the first place because our cells are trying to protect itself by mutating, otherwise it would die because it is swimming in a sea of toxins. And also, it shares how cancer can be prevented quite easily. Please do watch this and share with others!

Here are many other great video resources to encourage cancer patients and their family! My mum and I watched a lot of encouraging videos during her recovery journey that not just lifted our spirits, but also educated our minds.
These are great videos on health for everyone, really. Not just cancer patients.
Sharing this collection of free videos I could find online to encourage you all too!

Please let me know if there are more I can add to this list!

Forbidden Cures of Cancer:

Dying to Have Known (Gerson Therapy):

Cancer is Curable Now:

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (Reversing Autoimmune Disease with juicing):

Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (with Raw Food diet)

Thrive (Bear with the first 20 minutes that might seem so out-there but the second half include interesting perspectives on health industry)

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  1. Agustin L. Maramara says

    Interesting features. I am very interested because I may have skin cancer on my nose.



    • Beatrice says

      Hi Gus, I am really sorry to hear but I hope that you don’t get diagnosed with cancer. Pls feel free to write to me if you wish to understand more about lifestyle changes that could have with cancer prevention!


      • Marites Ruanto says

        Hi! My father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. And it was spread to his bones. Any alternative medicine to prevent or cure it? Thanks!

      • lotis says

        hello beatrice i am really phobia of having cancer please share me everything to prevent cancer.

    • remelita sanchez says

      As on of people more likely to watch , tips on how to prevent cancer? It was my first time to know about easy tips on how to be aware cancer, its good for us to care our health, health is wealth. I’m having stressed experience, for hard working, family problem, financial although; I want to be with my kids soon ,but probably I have to work for them ,for their future. So I’m stressed for being far , working abroad ,.and thinking how’s there situation w/o me. I’m afraid see and knowing that stress can also cause cancer, I have to be strong so this might be a guide for me to be with my family, awareness of cancer:

    • Beatrice says

      Hi Eddie, thanks for leaving a note. You are welcomed and stay healthy!


  2. Thanks for the info… My aunt died due to cancer and worst thing she undergone surgery then chemo but it just let her live like 8mos after diagnosing she has cancer..

    • Beatrice says

      Hi Jealen, sorry to hear about your aunt. Hope you and rest of your family stays healthy from now!


    • Beatrice says

      Hi Reshma, congrats! so proud of your son. All the best for the forum 🙂


  3. Jose Karlo I. De Leon says

    Hi Beatrice, i am a seafarer and sad to say i lost a nephew with bone cancer. As of now, i’m still barely passing my pre employment medical exam. Could you give me some info about lifestyle changes for cancer prevention. Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks and more power. God bless.0

    • Beatrice says

      Hi Jose, sorry to hear about your nephew. I share a lot of cancer prevention tips on my facebook page at Perhaps you can take a look and let me know if u need any more specific information! Take care


    • Beatrice says

      Hi Beulah, thanks for your support and hope this will help your friends too!


  4. susana says

    Wow!!! Thanks for this!!! This would help my family who are sick.. God bless!!!

    • Beatrice says

      Thanks for the comment. Take care and all the best for your family 🙂


  5. mel says

    Is marijuana really a herb and effective for preventing cancer? Im only cunfused when i red that on google. If it’s True, what is a right way to use these? Thnksss…


    • Beatrice says

      Pinky, sorry to hear from your dad and uncle. You can start making lifestyle changes now to help yourselves and your loved ones for prevention. Take care!


  6. Ruth Bueza Graganta says

    My immune system needs improvements..more than 3 yrs now my rashes all over my body still exists . Please I need your advise ..and what are the symptoms of cancer?

  7. lorica hipolito says

    hi… my cousin just died recently because of brain tumor… she was diagnosed at first benign last 2012 and had her 3rd operation 2014 and already a stage 4 brain cancer… we don’t have anu idea what cause it but she’s working in a call center…

  8. norie norie says

    I had a sister she has a rare cancer, the doctor find it hard to determine what type of cancer she has and where it came from. Her legs get shrink and numb. She can’t walk, she feels pain in her chest and back. Can you help me with this.?

  9. mec says

    Thanks for the info. it will help me a lot specially that my uncle and aunt died in cancer.

  10. Kris says


    Thank u for this valuable information.. my husband was recently diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.. i want to receive more inspirational videos on how to battle cancer..


  11. Leonila Orenciada says

    my mom died on pancreatic carcinoma so i want to prevent myself as well coz im her daughter i may say we had same genes but different lifestyle….a very helpful tips thanks to u..i love to share this to all my friends…god blessed!

  12. Cherry Layug says

    Thanks for the video on what causes cancer. I a cancer survivor and am taking an oral targeted medicine for lung cancer, Afatinib.
    I have been taking the healthy juices first thing in the morning for several years now but unfortunately, I still continue to eat meat (hopefully, I can avoid it completely).
    I wonder, would mushrooms and tofu be ideal for cancer survivors?
    Many thanks.

  13. Sharelle says

    I have endometrial complex hyperplasia with atypia and my doctor advised total hysterectomy. I am just 32 and I feel that i’m too young to go thru this. Plus, we still want to have a baby. Do you have any meal plan aside from the tips on the first vid? Also, do these tips work on all kinds of cancer of the body?

  14. Jean says

    My brother had surgery due to colorectal cancer and with colostomy. He will be monitored for the CEA. The initial result of CEA after surgery was 105. The biopsy result is there is no metastases, but the doctor will refer him to an oncologist. He is now into juicing vegeies and lemon with baking soda. I have read a lot regarding cancer and its natural treatment and we are hopeful that he won’t be needing chemo and radiation. Thanks for the info .

  15. chetna says

    my grandma died of mouth cancer when she nvrsmoked or had alcohol in life. now i know why.

  16. Pamela Mae Gacusan Macapobre says

    Thank u so much.u share ur learnings abwt cancer,nd u cn help other people,once again thank you

  17. jayanto ghosh says

    The training of main stream doctors condition them to focus strongly on cure by medicines. The habit is like religious prejudice. The faith is fully sponsored by the drug industry and happpens to be lucrative. This is not to disown the progress in the medical sciences. But the inner dynamics of the practice of medicine is attuned to the bottom line of drug manufacturers. They are often no better than the “drug pushers.”

    Well worn sayings like – prevention is better than cure, and your quote – let food be your medicine and medicine your food will never be promoted like competing branded drugs which are effectively all the same and often mere palliatives or placebo. Your chosen film is a great eye opener about what can be done to spread such ideas.

    May I suggest that you initiate a movement to include such ideas from the school curriculum itself so that they are ingrained in young minds as natural choises of living and thinking.

    • Francis Doloroso says

      I think the best means to understand cancer is to simply pick up a cellular biology book and learn for yourself if you don’t trust your doctor. Cancer is a very complicated disease, the means of getting it and how it spreads is really complex. Such is the reason why it’s hard to cure. You have to back up everything with hard research be it from journals or textbooks. Education is key! if you feel like the doctors are lying go to a textbook (Karp or Alberts for cell biology) and research on your own. Not to sound indifferent but we need more researchers than skeptics! There are literally dozens of new cancer papers on Pubmed and other journals we just need to pick them up.

  18. MaryAnn Liwanag says

    Hi bea..thanks for the brother has cancer of the stomach..he is now recovering after his last chemo and hopefully his cancer free..

  19. Narrie M. Fronda says

    Dear sir/ Madam:


    Your article are very interesting to peoples who have cancer. May i request to advice me what is the best food to my son which is now he is undergo w/ Hemo Dialysis 2x week. He was diagnosed to a kidney failure stage 5, 3 yrs ago. I love my son and want his life back to normal. He was supposedly graduating student w/ Tourism Course. Thank you very much……

  20. Alice says

    I wonder if people with sleep apnea have a higher risk of developing cancer since they take in less oxygen while sleeping?

  21. Michelle says

    Hi.. My mom was diagnosed of cervical cancer just 2 days ago. She went to the gyne oncologist today and was adviced for operation and chemotherapy after. I dont have anything against the advice of doctor because i want my mom to survive this but at the same time i am also advising her to eat mire healthy foods and organic. After watching this video, i am also going to advice her about other ways on how to make her health better. Don’t you think a combi ation of operation, chemo therapy and lifestyle change will be great for her treatment? I dont wanna loose my mom, she is everything to me and my family. Your advice will be much appreciated. If you could kindly respond to my email address.
    Thank you.

  22. Amy says

    Stage 4 breast /mets in bones and lymph nodes.. I really think that chemo kills!! I have babies! 8 year old twins .. 15yr Girl 21 yr boy! It’s killing my inside to do chemo!!! I know in the end we will prove its killing us! What should I do?

  23. anna geronimo says

    I saw your excerpt on juicing and I can attest that it works. My mom was diagnosed with liver cancer, had a year of chemo which weakened her to the point she could no longer stand. On her last hospitalization for lain, the doctors told us to just bring her home because there was nothing else they could do for her. A friend gave me a copy of juicing vegetables and we gave it a try. The doctors gave my mother a month at most to live. She lived five more years, but sadly died of a heart attack. Heart attack and not cancer (it runs in her family, her mom and brother both died of a heart attack). Had we known about the juicing therapy we would not have gone through with the expensive chemo.

    • anna, what kind of juicing that your friend gave you, could you please email it to me, my husband has liver cancer and I’m so worried about him..Thanks a lot..

  24. Zeny says

    my father, 2 cousins, 6 friends – all died of cancer. Now I have 5 friends with it. Thank you for an informative post. It’s an enlightenment to my WHY?

  25. Virginia Astrero says

    im so satistified and happy withthis info, i have my breast cancer by 2001but completely cancer free till last two years i was diagnose to bone cancer which started at pelvic bone and now in my vertebrae, as you said cancer has cure now so you give me hope again but i know bone cancer is not easy to treat thn other cancer.. is it true? pls i want your advice.. the 3 factors like,, breathing,diet and stress free will really help or treat me?.. thank you very much in advance for your response will be a great help

  26. i am very interested in cancer research. we lost of my father who died of brain cancer, which was inoperable, his mass was at the base of the spinal column, so they just put a thin tube for palliative, it ease the pain, he was only 48, never sick leaving us poor as a rat, all my paternal aunts have died in one form of cancer, one of the tongue, which is uncommon. and my dad’s sister died of cancer of the ovary. most of my friends, especially spinsters have cancer, some in remission. my greatest fear is my loved ones will acquire it, is it hereditary, and is it true that it skips one generation. i heard that in china they freeze the cells, meaning to say, it will not be spread but not cured, that is why tests like colonscopy, basal mamography are important, the sooner it is catched, the greater your chances of survival, and chemo and deep x=ray hurts, you loose your health, poor energy, you feel awful that u just want to die. my greatest hope is to see a cure for cancer and diabetes.

    • All sorts of Pain creates complications in our body and gives Negative Stress and Anxiety. Learn how to overcome Pain.

  27. teri bernardo says

    What a blessing to have stumbled upon this article. It’s not even a dozen of burden to do all those steps. So, why not do it anyway! 🙂 thank you for ur effort and heart, mate! SHARED!

    P.s. i got sleep apnea, i think theres my battle right there.

  28. Lyn says

    My mum died of Ovarian Cancer Stage 4 at the age of 50 . Thanks for sharing all these , u are very kind and I hope u do well and stay healthy .

  29. Suni says

    Could you pls give us some tried combinations of veggies, fruit that can be juiced together so that they taste nice and also so we know what goes together.

  30. Mike says

    Acid food , like what. I drink lemon juice every morning , Is this bad for the body?

  31. Elke says

    Did you ever hear about Dr. Rath?
    He is a Doctor I guess from Berlin and teaching a lot about cancer and healing. Very interesting.
    You found his teachings on you tube.

  32. Evelyn says

    I love positive health information. I’m into disease prevention as I believe “prevention is better than cure”.

  33. evelyn says

    I’ve heard and read this many times. I lost my mom from liver cancer and younger sister through ovarian cancer. Actually it’s her death anniversary today, Very timely reminder. I love the way it’s been explained. It sounds very simple and easy to do but I’m sure it will take a lot of discipline and awareness. I will begin practicing this right at this moment. Thank you so much for a very helpful information. Definitely sharing this.

  34. I learned this way back 1997.
    The study of Nutritional Immunology and Microbiology is the best source of information on how we get cancer and how we can prevent it. Of course! Telling the people to eat more fruits and veggies and less meat is no an option for any medical practitioner. Their money do not depend on that knowledge. Bottom line is.
    Fuel your body with the right fuel/food. It helps our own doctor (Immune System) inside us to fight the invaders and remove them from our body before they can penetrate an clone our healthy cells and grow rapidly and becomes cancer. Worry less means minimize stress. Also understand how fast meat is grown nowadays compare 10-15 years back. What do they feed those animals and we are eating them constantly. *We can still do so in minimal amount. Enjoy life.

  35. sylvester maviyane says

    your page is very helpful. can you shed more light on about blood preasure/hypertension?

    • Beatrice says

      Hi Sylv, we are made up of cells so we need to ensure cellular health then we will be healthy and free from these chronic issues 🙂 feel free to email me directly.. we have helped people with variety of conditions – cholesterol, fatty liver, hypertension etc – improve their conditions 🙂

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