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espressolab @ China Square

I have been looking out for cafes that serve both good vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes so we can have a good meal with our friends who do not want to eat vegetarian dishes. So I am glad to find espressolab at China Square with good selection of vegetarian dishes. In fact, Ms Alicia Teoh, owner of espressolab at China Square, was a vegetarian for a few years before!

Espresso Lab - China Square-25

Spacious espressolab at China Square

Miss Alicia Teoh, owner of Espressolab China Square, hard at work!

Miss Alicia Teoh, owner of Espressolab China Square, hard at work!

Espressolab is conveniently located in the CBD with many seats, so this is an excellent choice for lunch. The cafe is also brightly lit so it is a good place to camp at if you need to do work or have work meetings. Alicia is extremely particular about the quality of her decor and even imported all the rubberwood tables from Penang to ensure quality of the furniture is not compromised for the customers. Generally, I find that when owners are very detailed about comforts for the customers, the food and service tends to be good and espressolab did not disappoint indeed!

Espresso Lab - China Square-1

espressolab at China Square

Espresso Lab - China Square-2

espressolab at China Square

Espresso Lab - China Square-4

Many comfortable seats, good for people in the CBD area looking for lunch or working spot on weekdays

Espresso Lab - China Square-5

Wide coffee, drinks and food selection at espressolab, China Square

Vegetarian dishes:

Vegetarian Aglio Olio ($9.80) – cooked with extra virgin olive oil. This was my personal favourite as the spaghetti was cooked well in al dente style, well mixed with mushrooms, chilli, garlic and parsley.

Espresso Lab - China Square-12

 Vegetarian Fried Rice ($7.80) – Asian vegetarian alternative. Fried fried with carrots, corn and peas, served with salads and peppers on the side. Espresso Lab - China Square-20

Vegetarian Guacamole Wrap ($6.80) – This is a good healthy raw wrap option, especially for those we need to grab and go. The guacamole and black beans make the wrap rich and filling, the onions gives the wrap a good zest and the cucumber is cooling. Very good filling mix I haven’t tasted anywhere in Singapore.

Espresso Lab - China Square-21

Green Tea Matcha Soy Latte ($5.50) – perfect for caffeine-free vegan looking for a healthy drink with a milky texture! The green tea is specially imported from Indonesia. Love the rich creamy taste!

Espresso Lab - China Square-16

Non-vegetarian options (comments from my friends who ate them):

Hawaiian Lamb Chop ($13.80)

Espresso Lab - China Square-18

Jamaican Chicken ($12.80)

Espresso Lab - China Square-19

Grilled salmon ($14.80) – well cooked and tender! One of the favourites.

Espresso Lab - China Square-17

Fish and Chips ($13.80) – The fish at espressolab are quite outstanding! Breaded dory dish fried but still soft and juicy on the inside.

Espresso Lab - China Square-15 Espresso Lab - China Square-14

Penang White Curry Noodles ($5.80) – Alicia, who is originally from Malaysia, explains that White Curry is a current trend in Penang. White curry is curry made with thick white non-dairy creamer, hence, the name white curry though the curry is not white.

Espresso Lab - China Square-24

The coffee is obviously a key highlight. The barista was kind enough to let us have a play at the coffee machine since the cafe was only just starting to get crowded! He was very experienced and patient in explaining the whole process to make good coffee and great latte art (which he made with such ease!!)

Espresso Lab - China Square-7

Coffee Making Experience @ espressolab, China Square

Espresso Lab - China Square-8

Coffee Making Experience @ espressolab, China Square

Espresso Lab - China Square-9

Attempting to make latte art!

Espresso Lab - China Square-3

Barista hard at work!

Espresso Lab - China Square-6

Barista hard at work!

Espresso Lab - China Square-22

Candy Crush Chemex Hand Brewed coffee ($7). The beans are more pricey but it gives a sugarcane smell and aftertaste when served with ice. When it is warm, it has a much richer overtone. Very interesting!

Espresso Lab - China Square-23

Trying coffee from Candy Crush beans hot and cold to taste and smell the difference!

Espresso Lab - China Square-13

Good cuppa latte

Alicia is exploring serving more organic, vegan options moving forward, so stay tuned for more. 🙂

espressolab, China Square
Address: 18 Cross Street, #02-07/08 China Square Central, Singapore 048423
Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:30 am – 7:00 pm, Sun: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Contact Number: 6536 2328

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