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What would happen to your body if you ate more than 20 apples a day?

We all know the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, and we also know from research that 1 apple a day is definitely not enough nutrients for our body to achieve that. But what if there is a way to eat 20 apples EFFICIENTLY every day? Imagine all that antioxidants helping our body daily!

For those who are reading on free radicals and antioxidants for the first time, I recommend reading up on the scientific rationale for antioxidants to fight off free radical damage here, as well as why antioxidants are important for you here. 

Why Antioxidants are important against free radicals

Those of you who frequent Eatprayflying will know we only write about products we have tried personally, especially when it comes to supplements. Because we are very particular about what we consume, trying to take in fewer chemicals to our system at all times.

As such, I was really excited to chance upon an all NATURAL Phenolic Antioxidant supplement made from ONLY APPLES, which are ‘Australian Made and Grown’, invented by University Of Newcastle (UON) scientist Dr Vincent Candrawanata. Because the supplement is made from ONLY apples and processed with ONLY water, it makes the supplement so safe!

Activated Apple Phenolics come in a Tablet form ($42) and Powder form ($72).

The more OH and HO the better the anti-oxidant in neutralizing free radicals.

Why is this supplement such a breakthrough for us?

  • The Activated Phenolic product is the only dietary antioxidant product to have a 90% absorption rate in the body. Other antioxidant products have less than 5% absorption.
  • Activated Phenolics is the only true single source broad spectrum antioxidant available, containing 8 different antioxidants from 3 families.
  • Phenolic antioxidants are more than 12 times more potent than normal antioxidants. This is because they work synergistically with the body and are absorbed more easily.

Superiority of Renovatio Apple Antioxidant



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“Apples were selected because they contain the broadest spectrum and highest concentrations of phenolic antioxidants across the 1,755 edible fruits. In this way apples are the healthiest fruit we can eat.

In apples, phenolics are responsible for protecting the fruit from degradation from UV light and disease. They perform a similar role in humans, protecting our cells against damage which can lead to ageing, inflammation and cell mutations,

The activated phenolics antioxidant will not oxidise and last a very long time, although by law we are required to print an expiration date on the label.” – said Dr Candrawanata, scientist and inventor

Powder form – great for mixing into smoothies. Lasted me around 6-8 weeks.

30 tablets – I switched to this form because of convenience!

This amazing supplement comes in 2 forms – powder and tablet. I personally prefer the tablet form because it is more convenient, but the powder form is great for smoothies!

How can Apple Phenolic Antioxidants benefit us?

  1. Boost and sustain energy, improve muscle recovery after exercise
  2. Treat digestive issues
  3. Reduce inflammation anywhere in the body
  4. Reduce the effect of allergies
  5. Regulate or balance blood sugar
  6. Recent feedback from our friends who take this supplement also suggests it greatly assist with hangovers if taken before and after drinking alcohol.

Personally, just 3 weeks after consumption, I feel a lift in my energy! Because I am very concerned about the ingredients of my what I eat, I am glad that this ‘ultra’ APPLE antioxidant is the most potent to be produced anywhere in the world without any synthetic or chemical processes since supplements were first developed more than eighty years ago. Our exclusive interview with University Of Newcastle (UON) scientist Dr Vincent Candrawanata helped us to learn that the apple is extracted using only clean water! On top of that, the raw ingredients – APPLES – are totally natural and also tested totally clean of heavy metals before they are allowed into production. This is very important for any wellness conscious individual trying to cut down heavy metal exposure!

Young and promising scientist Dr Vincent Candrawanat, University Of Newcastle (UON)

Us having fun and learning from Dr Vincent!

Glad to see this natural supplement already gaining so much coverage in Australia! 🙂

Benefits for different age groups

The amazing inventor also invented an apple based facial moisturizer.  I bought it for $49 to try, and I LOVEEEEEEEE the natural scent of this product. It is quite thick and creamy on the skin though, so I use it at night to let the natural goodness soak in overnight!

Applying apple antioxidants on your skin and feel and smell yummy!

How I feel this face cream helps me?

  • APSKIN protects, regenerates and restores skin at the cellular level like no other face cream available because it is scientifically formulated from apples, nature’s best source of broad spectrum phenolic antioxidants, which are the world’s MOST potent antioxidants.
    • APSKIN boosted my skin’s glow and radiance.
    • Nourishing your skin at the cellular level, APSKIN is formulated to protect elastin and collagen structures, leaving your skin transformed, glowing and ageless.


And since you have been such a wonderful reader to read till here, Eatprayflying readers are entitled to a 10% discount off all the items on Renovatio. Just key in the code “EPF10” at check out to enjoy your discount. Let’s all keep the doctors away! 🙂

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