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Why Social Cause?

Quite a few people have told me that it’s a interesting cause I am writing for, and that they like the big idea of helping kids from developing countries see the outside world.

Reflecting, I have always been wanting to help others in some capacity. But when I started work, I figured that I first learn to focus on learning certain skill sets well to help others along the way. A wise person also told me a few years ago when I thought of leaving my current job to pursue a career in NGOs to first build up solid skillsets before trying to “save the world”. Logic being – if I have better organization/working skills and experience, i can eventually touch more lives by planning better strategies and saving more costs, than if I choose to move then, which will allow me to do more operational work and hence helping only on a smaller scale.

So since then, I have been praying and working on some sort of a hybrid model – touching and improving lives through my corporate work, first starting with the team I work with. It’s still an ongoing project everyday at work but it definitely keeps me going and happy though the work is hard and frustrating at times. Now I think i finally found a way to weave my passion of travel, eating and thinking/reflecting into something that might eventually be useful to the community.

This “Real Life” feature on me was published in Singapore Womens’ Weekly and Malaysia Womens’ Weekly, Oct 2011 – based on some of the community service work I did in NUS, and also for doing the Special Olympics planning then. For those who are not familiar with Special Olympics, they are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing sports training and competitions for persons with intellectual disabilities, giving them opportunities to develop physical fitness, self-esteem and confidence, and become productive and respected members of society. A lot of the Special athletes compete on the same ground as regular athletes, and they  end up winning the competitor! Very inspired by their perseverance in overcoming their personal difficulties and discomforts to become the  best they can.

It was a good reminder to myself as I re-read the article from 2 years ago, to challenge myself on what else I/we can do for the community, and I hope to be able to raise awareness of these organizations that help people through this blog platform. Blessed weekend everyone!

“Real Life” section that highlights how we can all serve the community in our little ways, that will cumulatively make a big difference!

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