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Nepal – Poon Hill Trek 3 (Tadapani, Grandruk; Nepal Travel Review Series)

Day 4: Tadapani to Grandruk Panorama Hotel Teahouse at Tadapani awoke us to the most amazing view after Poonhill – a different side of the Annapurna ranges including Machapuchare (Fishtail) Mountain. It was an experience of a lifetime eating Shin Ramen breakfast facing these amazing Himalayan mountains. More photos of the amazing view: After breakfast, […]

Nepal – Poon Hill Trek 2 (Ghorepani, Poon Hill; Nepal Travel Review Series)

Day 2: Thikedunga to Ghorepani Right after breakfast, we embarked on our “3000 steps” morning on cobbled rocks and loose stones, occasionally giving way to donkeys coming downhill with chickens and suppliers for the locals. I think I climbed 300 steps (which is already 15 floors if you think in city terms) and I asked […]

Nepal – Poon Hill Trek 1 (Tikhedhunga; Nepal Travel Review Series)

This is the blog entry I am most excited to write about Nepal, because the trek has been a life changing experience for me: 1)     All through my life, when things get difficult, I sometimes give myself excuses to stop going. But on this trek, no excuses are allowed and I cannot give up because […]

Weight Loss – Update #1

After 40 days since my first step to healthy living and sustainable weight loss, I have had a few private queries on my progress. Since I promised to be publicly accountable, I have been to 9 Personal Training sessions, and lost about 3kg. It is still a longgggggggggg way to go from my fitness goals […]

Confessing My Struggle – Weight Loss

Today, I started on a serious fitness journey that I have been thinking about for the last 2 years – starting my very first session with a personal trainer. Decided to get myself an early birthday present by investing in my health 🙂 My weight has been something I struggled with all my life. I […]

Ramblings of an Ex-Procrastinator-to-be (Week 2&3 of 6) – Sharing Wunderlist2 Experience

Second and third instalment from guest blogger, the Hubbubu. Proud of his progress and hope it encourages all of us trying to form good new habits! — First of all, I must apologise for my “procrastination” on my Week 2 post. As promised, this is a followup post from my commitment in Week 1 to […]

Ramblings of an Ex-Procrastinator-to-be (Week 1 of 6) – Sharing Wunderlist2 Experience

Today’s post is a guest post from my awesome Hubbubu, who has been kind and humble enough to not just admit his struggle, but to blog and share his experience in trying to overcome procrastination to become a more disciplined person. We pray this encourages all of us on this pilgrimage of overcoming our struggles. […]