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3 Days Juice Fast with Queen’s Greens

Since it has been a while since my last 18 days vegetables juice fast, we decided to embark on a 3 days juice fast post CNY for a detox!

There are so many cold-press juicing companies in town now but we decided to try Queen’s Greens given their affordable prices and because Queen’s Greens support local sustainable farmers; the pulp from the juicing is returned to soil to fallow, allowing for lower carbon footprint.

Queen's Greens - Made with Home Grown Produce contributing towards a sustainable Singapore

Queen’s Greens – Made with Home Grown Produce contributing towards a sustainable Singapore

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Pulp post juicing, which will be returned to farming soil grounds to fallow

Simple juicing facility, to pass on savings to the consumers.

Simple juicing facility, to pass on savings to the consumers.

Kelly, the founder of Queen’s Greens, also allows for high degree of customization (nut milk or without, fully organic or half organic, types of juices etc). She also differentiates her juices by working closely with clinic/nutritionist ​​to provide juice for people with conditions to meet nutritional needs or help in healing of body​.

Kelly, founder of Queen’s Greens, explains her motivation behind starting this juicing business:

“A friend once confided that in his late teenage years, he had unexplained boils that ‘attack’ his entire face which makes his handsome face then almost unbearable to look. He would lock himself up in his room and is inconsolable. The only thing that is remotely enjoyable to him at that time are those savory dishes that his mom cooks in her attempts to reaching out to him. (yes he ate alone in his room).

I remembered this again when I recently walked out of my own personal losses in life.

What started out as a desire to share a ‘piece’ of  clean eating in Singapore; selling cold pressed vege juicing has also become a means to reach out to those who are suffering physical afflictions that make life miserable and make themselves inconsolable. I hope then these naturally yummy, liquid food can shine a glimmer of light unto the countenance of these people as well.

I also desire to feed my family with fast, natural, yummy, nutritious food despite busy hectic schedules and also want to support many working women whose hearts never stop thinking of the welfare of her family members.”

Queen's Greens brochure

Queen’s Greens Brochures for easy selection of the kind of juices you want!

Our juices came in very pretty glass bottles on Friday morning with an e-thank you note from Queen’s Greens Team. I love they don’t compromise by using glass bottles rather than plastic bottles!

Queens Green - Web-3

My 3 types of juices – 4 bottles of (mean) Lifestyle greens, 1 Carrot-Beet, 1 Zesty Lemon

Queens Green - Web-4

Queen’s Green Juices in pretty glass bottles

Queen's Greens Thank You Card

Instructions for Cleansing
1) Consume 1 bottle at every 2-3 hours or whenever you are hungry.
2) Sip slowly whilst drinking
3) Rinse your mouth after drinking your juices especially those that contain lemon
4) Drink as much water as you wish during your cleanse. If possible, drink alkaline water.
5) If you suffer some hunger pangs, you may consume fresh fruits and raw salads. Otherwise the juices are sufficient for you.

I started with the red carrot-beet-cucumber Queen’s carrot juice. Wow it is sweet, refreshing and high in beta-carotene from the carrot. Great way to start my Friday!

Queens Green - Web-7

Queen’s Carrot – Carrot, Beet, Cucumber

Queens Green - Web-2

Queen’s Carrot – Carrot, Beet, Cucumber – rich red colour!

I slowly sip on the Lifestyle Greens juices as the day passes. I get hungry around the usual lunch time and my tummy growls. But I know I must persevere!! So I distract myself by doing work and talking to people. For the amount of powerful greens in it, the Green juice is still very palatable and well balanced by the lemons and ginger.

Queens Green - Web-5

My set of 3 types of juices – Lifestyle Greens, Queen’s Carrot and Zesty Lemon

Queens Green - Web-6

Good greens!

And if this the first time you have heard of CELL-GEN water, you are not alone! I learnt from Kelly that CELL-GEN  is naturally mineralized alkaline water full of negative ions! As you probably know by now, I am a huge fan of negative ions so I am glad to be drinking lots of ionized water! CELL-GEN water also contains most of the minerals needed by the human body to function well and is easily to be absorbed by the human body.


Benefits of CELL-GEN water. Photo from CELL-GEN.

Filter and machine to make Cell-Gen Water

Filter to make CELL-GEN Water in Queen’s Greens kitchen. Photo from Kelly.

Queens Green - Web

The yellow bottle is the Zesty Lemon (CELL-GEN water filled with negative ions with lemons and cayenne pepper).

Queens Green - Web-8

Love how the juice is filled with so much greens 🙂

During the 3 days of juice fast, I definitely went to the toilet a lot more! And while I suffered mild headaches and fatigue during the 3 days, now that my fast has ended,  I feel that my energy levels are better the pre-fast.  Not to mention, I lost 1.2kg as well! Thank you Kelly and Queen’s Greens for your amazing service juices! 🙂

Cost of different juice packages:

100% Organic Cleanse – $320 (3 days)
​100% Organic Cleanse – $500 (5 days)

Cost of other types of subscriptions:

a) Cleanse : ​$90/day (7 bottles incl Cell Gen water)
b) Weekly Maintenance for busy & active exec : $40/once a week (3 bottles)
c) Family ‘Go Greens’ Weekend : $80 (12 bottles of 250ml for breakfast till mid morning snack for family members)
d) Sample: $42 (6 bottles of 250ml for trial)

For details on juice packages, please refer to Queen’s Greens webpage –

Please contact Queen’s Greens on Facebook or Kelly (+65 65130867) directly to order your juices!


Special promotion for Eatprayflying readers:

If you order 3 Days Organic Juice Fast by 20 Mar, you will get 15% off your juice package and 1 extra bottle of carrot juice/day!
For this promo, key in “ORG 3D” when you check out or mention it verbally when you order directly from Kelly!
{Do not key in CLEANSE15 because that will only entitle you to 15% off but not to the free carrot juice!}

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