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Journey to Healthy Living – Part 2 – Colon Hydrotherapy

I have been embarking on a health living journey, with my mum who is battling Stage 4 Colon Cancer. My first entry spoke about Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) and today, I wanted to share my Colon HydroTherapy, more commonly known as colonics, experience.

Did you know that 70% of our immune system comes from the gut and gastrointestinal tract?

Well, neither did I till now. We require a healthy balance of good bacteria and ZERO toxins/parasites in our gastrointestinal (GI) tract to have a healthy functioning immune system? The need for Colon HydroTherapy (Colonics) roots from the belief that our diet has deviated so much from what our pre-historic ancestors used to eat (high fibre, nuts, raw vegetables), that our gastrointestinal tract cannot fully digest all the food we now eat, especially animal proteins.

“The Hunzakuts are estimated to live, on average, to about 115 years old…[Their] diet consists of drinking glacier water, raw…and eat leafy green or root vegetables.” –

As such, a lot of remnant food is stuck in the large intestine and rectum, causing auto-intoxication, whereby the body is re-absorbing these foods stuck in our GI tract (and probably rotting) into the liver via the portal vein. Many think colonics this is quackery, especially when some colonics practitioners have caused rectal perforation due to poor practice. But with many people I know personally who swear by colonics, especially those who have relief from irritable bowel syndrome, I decided to give it a try! I must admit I was a little apprehensive before my first session; it is a little scary thinking that someone is going to flush water up your big intestines! It helped that the local therapists have been trained by the main Colon HydroTherapist from the US, MaryAnn Shearer (

My aunt (Left) and MaryAnn Shearer (RIght)

My aunt (Left) and MaryAnn Shearer (RIght)

However, my 2 therapists (1 administers the colonics while the other massages your abdomen) were very sweet and reassuring. They explained the entire digestive system from the mouth to esophagus to stomach to small intestines to big intestines. And colonics would only be flushing through the big intestines. They started by “hearing” how much gas is in me by tapping gently on different portions of my abdomen, and apparently I was very gas-sy. The massage therapist proceeded to massage my abdomen area to get the gas out before the colonics.


Colonics Therapy Room

Once the gas is released, they proceeded to flush water heated by UV light (to kill bacteria) into my big intestines. I couldn’t hold too much water initially, but that is normal. When I feel full, they flushed the dirty water out through the colonics machine, and there is a transparent piping so I could also see what comes out. I shall spare you all the gross details, but based on what comes through, they can estimate the health of my gastrointestinal tract. For example, if one has large traces of undigested food, it is likely that the individual eats too fast without chewing. Yup, that is me truly. The entire treatment is 40 minute, and with every flush, I could hold in more water so more cleansing could take place.


The transparent part is where you will SEE what comes out of your colon during therapy.

While many still doesn’t believe in the benefits of colonics, I felt really good after my colonics session. My stomach was evidently smaller from the release of gas. I lost about 3 pounds from the waste I lost, and I just felt very clean inside. Very QUEER but nice feeling. Definitely makes me think twice about what I put into my diet! And yes, I decided in the weeks ahead that I am here to commit to at least weekly colonics for a full detox.

We eat 3 times per day. But on average, we only poo 1 time. So where is the remaining food stored? What happens if we don’t clear it from our body system? 

Update: –  Session 1: After my lymphatic therapy followed up colonics, I got back and crashed out for 2 hours. Woke up with a dull ache through my body for the whole night. I felt awful. Felt like I was having a fever. Good thing the therapist did warn me I might get some detox reactions. –  Session 2: Got a lot more out of the colons than the first time. I could hold the water flow into the colon for ~1 minute. – Session 3: Held the water flow for up to 2.5minutes. Saw some yellow fluids released in the tube from the colon, which are supposedly toxins from liver/gallbladder. I started having a headache right after therapy. I crashed out for 3 hours and woke up with the same aching feeling. But after I woke up, I moved around and the ache went away after 1 hour. –  Session 4: Held the water flow up to 4+ minutes! The wastes that were expelled were much smoother and ‘fresher’ than the first few times. I also didn’t feel as tired as the third round. No aches too. Yay.

  • People started saying that I lost weight and look firmer. And that my complexion is better.
  • I noticed some of my open pores on my face which used to always have oil in them closed up. Maybe all the oil was toxins trying to expel previously? I am no sure, but I am glad my pores are closing up 🙂

If you are keen on other detox therapies, check out my experience with Electro Lymphatic Therapy.  If you intend to do both on the same day, plan for the ELT first, so some of the toxins are being flushed to intestines to be flushed out, then do colonics to cleanse thoroughly! Everytime I post on a topic, some people will write to me privately asking if that post was the “magic bullet” for my mum’s cancer.  Just want to clarify my mum is also undergoing other complementary treatments (I will slowly write about each one as mum recovers!):

  1. Raw DietVegan Diet and Juice Fast
  2. Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT)
  3. Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)
  4. Nefful Negative Ion Clothings from Japan
  5. Saline Flush, Coffee Enema, Wheatgrass Implant, Probiotic Implant
  6. Vitamin C High Dose IV
  7. Vitamin B17
  8. Ozone Therapy
  9. Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT)
  10. Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)
  11. Breathing and Pilates



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