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Mori Japanese Restaurant @ Pakchong, Thailand

Read about this mysterious Japanese restaurant along a river, and also looks and taste authentic Japanese, so we decided to check out Mori before heading the Airport from Khaoyai. To be frank, this place was very hard to find because there is no proper site or address, so have already pinned it at the bottom of this article on googlemaps so you can use your GPS if you want to visit!

Khao Yai Mori-1

If you block out the Thai words, this looks totally out of Japan

Khao Yai Mori-6

Lovely Interior

Khao Yai Mori-3


Khao Yai Mori-5

Even the seating style is very authentic. Tip: not good for older folks to sit for long on the floor though. Very thin cushions

We had a simple quick meal as we were rushing to the airport. The sashimi is imported from Japan and Norway – recommended as it’s super value for money for its freshness. We also tried the beef and tonkatsu set lunch and both tasted authentic Japanese and was around SGD$10-$12 per set. Agedashi Tofu was soft and fresh.

The only dish I would not recommend is the chawanmushi. It was overcooked so rather than being soft and wobbly, it was rather rubbery. Also, do not ask for mayonnaise; it is neither like the Western nor Japanese mayo but more like diluted, sour cream.

Khao Yai Mori-10 Khao Yai Mori-11 Khao Yai Mori-13 Khao Yai Mori-14 Khao Yai Mori-15

But overall, decent food quality for <SGD$20 per person. Also, the only Japanese restaurant I know in the Khaoyai area to satisfy any Jap food cravings, with a nice ambience along the river.  I think it would be a more pleasant experience in the night with the breeze in the alfresco. Also want to highlight very good service; they tried their best to serve us though we do not speak any Thai and they had to spend more time understanding our requests. Usual nice and friendly Thai service crew 🙂

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