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Vino di Zanotti Italian Food @ Khaoyai, Thailand

I am so excited to write this post because Vino di Zanotti @ Khaoyai is easily one of the best Italian meals I ever had! Vino Khaoyai is opened by the main Zanotti Group, which has a few restaurants throughout Thailand focused on fine dining and quality Italian products.

Vino is just opposite Palio, so it’s relatively easy to find. Vino has alfresco seats which are perfect for cool evenings in Khaoyai, and has a live jazz band playing in evenings as well. So my tip is to go for dinner (rather than lunch) so you can sit outdoors and enjoy the music and occasional breeze.

Khao Yai Vino-9

So, first up, the most creamy amazingggggggg appetizer – Burrata Cheese!! (Tip: this is not on their usual menus, so ask if they have it as a ‘special’!) Firstly, the presentation already tantalizes one’s taste buds. With the vinaigrette and cherry tomatoes, this dish looks like a dessert! Secondly,  this is a huge serving of Burrata. In Singapore, the bigger ones I have had at Brunos is probably only half of this serving, and at the same price. Thirdly, this cheese is really fresh; I suspect the cheese is from the Khaoyai region.

As this cheese is relatively rare in Singapore, I want to take time to introduce this melt-in-your-mouth burrata cheese made from Mozaarella and Cream. As described by Wikipedia, “when the burrata is sliced open, ritagli-thickened panna (cream) flows out. The cheese has a rich, buttery flavor and retains its fresh milkiness. It is best when eaten within 24 hours, and is considered past its prime after 48 hours.” YUMZ.

Khao Yai Vino-4

Khao Yai Vino-5

They also serve bread and starters. Among the fried starters, the fried sweet onions are the most fragrant. The rest are forgettable when placed next to the burrata 😛

Khao Yai Vino-1 Khao Yai Vino-2 Khao Yai Vino-3

We also had calamaris for starters. If there is only 2 of you dining, suggest you only order 1 starter, as the servings here are big by Asian standards. We could not finish the dishes and had to pack the remaining to go. But the calamaris are great! Again, better than most of the fine dining Italian restaurant in Singapore with HUGE servings to boot.
Khao Yai Vino-7

Khao Yai Vino-8

My main dish – Prawn angel hair pasta with Tiger prawn. I feel that the starters overshadow their pasta; rather anti-climatic after such great beginnings. But overall, the dish is still good though because the ingredients are super fresh!
Khao Yai Vino-10 Khao Yai Vino-14

The seafood tagliatelle has fresh ingredients as well, but N is disappointed in this dish as the pasta is not handmade and he could not taste the freshness of the pasta.

Khao Yai Vino-15

We also ordered another yummy main – Pork Loin cooked in Cream Burrata Sauce. This main is a really juicy slab of pork, and the cream sauce was an incredible companion to the lean yet tender piece of meat! It is so good, we forgot to shoot it!! So my personal tip is to try the meat mains rather than pastas if you are ok skipping the carbs.

Coupled with nice impeccable service, I would highly recommend Vino to anyone visiting Khaoyai. Definitely be back if we head back to Khaoyai! Oh and another final tip, Vino only opens on Thurs and Fridays for dinners, and weekends for lunch and dinner; do reserve before heading there.

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Address for Vino: 264 Moo 4, Thanarat Road,Moo Si, Pakchong
Tel: +66 8 8022 9884-5
Open from Thursday-Friday (6pm-1130pm) , and Sat-Sunday (11am-2pm, 6pm-1130pm) only.


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