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Your personalized coach on your mobile: ACTIVE8ME APP

As a busy working professional, I find it a personal struggle to look after my body’s holistic wellness in terms of eating well; going to the gym and getting the exercise I need while juggling multiple demands at work and home. Most of the time, I feel time-strapped. Therefore, when I heard about the launch […]

Recipe: Green Vegetable Juice

After my previous post on Juice Fasting, quite a few of you wrote to me to ask for recipes, so I have decided to combine what I learnt from the clinic and from different fruits I have been trying out at home into this recipe recommendation! Please note though – use only certified organic ingredients […]

Afterglow @ Keong Saik

This is my first food entry since I turned vegan and 80% raw. I was very excited to find Afterglow @ Keong Saik which has been opened since beginning of 2014. Because it also means I can prepare 1 less meal at home as it is not easy to find organic, vegan AND raw cafes […]

3 Reasons why this Food Blogger turned Raw

I know you are already thinking “RABBIT FOOD” alert, but please stay with me! After sharing Top 3 Reasons I turned Vegan, I have decided to also share why I turned Raw. My first encounter with Raw Food is at Living Cafe and Deli in Singapore when I did a feature on it, but I quickly dismissed it […]

3 Reasons why this Food Blogger turned Vegan

So, the super ironic thing is years ago, I dated someone who was a vegetarian. I remember an epic fight we had over an ant that died in his Memojazz pager.  Clearly, it was such a dramatic quarrel over an animal life that I remember it after soooo many years. And yet, after so many […]

Journey to Healthy Living – Part 3 – 18 days Vegetable Juice Fast Journey

As some of you have read earlier, I am with my mum in Bangkok (yes, during the martial law!) for alternative cancer treatments that do not use the conventional chemotherapy and radiation. Juice fast is one of the elements in total program to help her recovery. My mum’s cancer markers have dropped from 16.5 on […]

Journey to Healthy Living – Part 2 – Colon Hydrotherapy

I have been embarking on a health living journey, with my mum who is battling Stage 4 Colon Cancer. My first entry spoke about Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) and today, I wanted to share my Colon HydroTherapy, more commonly known as colonics, experience. Did you know that 70% of our immune system comes from the […]