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Journey to Healthy Living – Part 3 – 18 days Vegetable Juice Fast Journey

As some of you have read earlier, I am with my mum in Bangkok (yes, during the martial law!) for alternative cancer treatments that do not use the conventional chemotherapy and radiation. Juice fast is one of the elements in total program to help her recovery.

My mum’s cancer markers have dropped from 16.5 on 29th March to 6.6 on 19th May. <2.5 would mean her markers are in normal, health range. YAY! Praise God for blessing us with this miracle for a stage 4 cancer patient 🙂 Not just her cancer is going into remission, my mum has been on high blood pressure medicine (Atenolol 50 mg, amLodipine 2.5mg) for 20 years, and on the raw diet, she is totally off her medication in under 2 months. She is checking her BP everyday now and it has stayed at 110/70 – 120/80.

Needless to say, I have become a big convert to alternative ways of reversing cancer*, including Colonics, ElectroLymphatic Therapy (ELT) and today, I want to share my 18 days juice fast journey.


Unlike Joe Cross who did a 60 day juice fast (so he enjoyed apple juice and all sorts of fruit juices), Mum and I had to do a pure VEGETABLE juice fast. Yup, you heard that right, only vegetable juice made from kale, spinach, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, parsley, ginger with a hint of lemon and green apple juice. And yup, I had the same rolling-eye response when I heard it – “OH DEAR… I am only going to drinking this grass-like juice for 2 weeks??” I thank God I just emerged from a Nepal Trekking trip in February just before mum was diagnosed, and I have learnt to take ONE STEP AT A TIME and not think of all 14 days ahead of me.

*I also believe that conventional cancer treatments can reverse cancer. It would be silly to ignore the fact many of my friends and loved ones including my aunt had their cancer put into remission by conventional treatments. Even a placebo can reverse cancer. But I am spending time writing entries for people to be aware that there are alternatives to mainstream cancer treatment, especially to Stage 4 cancer patients whose 5 year survival rates are often dismal at 2%. A study in Clinical Oncology concluded that “the overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA.”  And, my mum has almost no side effects to the natural treatments like VIt C IV, VIt B17 IV; the only sickness she feels is probably home sickness.

A juice fast allows  the body to focus on healing, rather than expanding the body’s energy to digest food. The main physical change that happens during a juice fast is ketosis, when the intake of carbohydrates falls so low that it forces the body to use fat and toxic stores for fuel. It takes around 3 days for body to switch from using glucose as source of fuel to using ketone bodies, a process known as ketosis. Once the process is complete, one will stop experiencing the hunger pangs. How a juice fast works against cancer is by starving cancer cells of glucose, which is their main source of energy with 19x more insulin-sensitive receptors than normal cells. And this is my juice f(e)ast journey:

Day 1: Hunger pangs during meal times. Rumble Rumble…….. *self control and breathhhhhhhh in*

Day 2: More hunger pangs and it was a bad idea to watch movie with N in town. Smell of pop corn made me more hungry and distracted me from Captain America plot. It was a real bad idea to inflict more hunger pangs during juice fast.

Day 3: I developed pimples when I first started to wear negative ion clothes and also during ELT and they were starting to heal. But today, my pimples started to develop again. *sigh*. The pimples continue on the right side where I have more aches and pains.

Day 4-6: Just taking juice, one glass at a time, one meal at a time. Also tried Vit C and Chelation IV which I will write more about another time.

Day 7: I was 2.5 kg down!

Day 8: As I started Vit C and Chelation IV on Day 6 onwards, more pimples and rash developed on my right thigh. This is where I have the most aches from my lower back tightness.

Day 10: 4 kg down! I experienced bad itch on my back on both sides and base of head and neck the day before. Also, I was feeling quite tired. First time such low energies since I started the juice fast. But took a nap and woke up to exercise and felt better. But overall feeling more hungry than previous days.

Day 14: 5 kg down! I was so looking forward to breaking fast already! But the doctor ordered my mum to continue. I wasn’t sure to feel glad because I knew I would lose more weight and toxin OR how I can tolerate another 4 days.

Day 16: N and bestie are in town, and we made Nori Rolls for food prep, and I cannot eat. Noooooooooooo. And we went out for MK steamboat, and I still can’t eat. Bleah.

Day 18: 6 kg down! I am going to break fast!!! Mum continued hers till Day 24. But I was happy to start taking soups and smoothies to get my gastrointestinal track running after 18 days 🙂

I wanted to document my journey as the 18 days are obviously not a bed of roses. I did suffer some detox symptoms. God helped me stay disciplined and not cave into temptation to eat. But if we can do it, you can do it too. Other than the obvious health benefits of losing 6 kg in 18 days, my energy level is much better, my mind is clearer and I have much more discipline over my food cravings. Do give it a try! Things get much better after day 3.

My personal tips:

  1. To minimize side effects, start mild detoxing in the 2 weeks leading up to juice fast by eating raw food.
  2. To minimize headaches, cut down on caffeine in the 2 weeks before juice fast. N had a really bad headache on day 1 because we didn’t prep his body.
  3. Do it with family and close friends! It is a lot easier when you have people doing it with you!
Raw food to prepare for juice fast - Chia seed with almond milk during breakfast

Raw food to prepare for juice fast – Chia seed with almond milk during breakfast


Raw food to prepare for juice fast – start having 1-2L of green juice every day for 2 weeks before juice fast to get used to the taste and texture

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I know some of you wrote to me privately thinking my mum recovered from only the juice fast. Just want to clarify my mum also undergoing other complementary treatments (I will slowly write about each one as mum recovers!):

  1. Raw Diet, Vegan Diet and Juice Fast
  2. Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT)
  3. Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)
  4. Nefful Negative Ion Clothings from Japan
  5. Saline Flush, Coffee Enema, Wheatgrass Implant, Probiotic Implant
  6. Vitamin C High Dose IV
  7. Vitamin B17
  8. Ozone Therapy
  9. Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT)
  10. Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)
  11. Breathing and Pilates



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