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Recipe: Daily Green Smoothie

We take our green smoothie every morning, thanks to my loving husband who makes them!! Yield: ~1.5litres Basic Ingredients Water – 500 ml filtered/distilled water Ginger – 1 inch 400gm dark leafy greens [1 kind a day e.g kale, kai lan, bak choy, spinach etc… which ever you prefer – always rotate your greens!] Apple – 1 [core removed] Banana – 1 Chia seed – 1.5 table spoon Other sweet fruits you can mix occasionally like mangoes, but always try to keep to 80% vegetables Simple Instructions Place Chia seeds into blender Pour the water [I like it chilled] over it and let it soak for 10 mins Wash and slice ginger, apple and banana [usually freeze banana overnight] before placing into the blender Place dark leafy greens last Blend for 40 sec. Enjoy!

Recipe: Nepalese Dwarika’s Summer Salad

During my amazing stay at Dwarika’s at Nepal before we did our Poon Hill trek, N and I tried some amazing food at the Dwarika’s Resort. At that time I wasn’t vegan, but the food quality was exquisite. Since then, I have come to learn that at Dwarika’s Resort Dhulikhel, Mr. Pramod Mahaseth, the head chef, obtains almost all of the restaurant’s ingredients from their very own two organic farms – one near Dhulikhel and the other in Chitwan. I am glad that while the Dwarika’s Group preaches that food is a very important aspect of the lifestyle at the resort, they live what they preach by sourcing and growing their own organic, fresh Nepali ingredients. Here is one amazing looking salad recipe from Dwarika’s Resort Dhulikhel, which I believe we can all reproduce at home even if we can’t travel to beautiful Nepal!

Recipe: Green Vegetable Juice

After my previous post on Juice Fasting, quite a few of you wrote to me to ask for recipes, so I have decided to combine what I learnt from the clinic and from different fruits I have been trying out at home into this recipe recommendation! Please note though – use only certified organic ingredients when juicing, otherwise you will probably be drinking concentrated pesticides/fungicides from the fruits in inorganic produce. If you are doing a juice fast, I recommend at least 4L/day as you would not be having solid food. If you are supplementing juice as a daily liquid sunshine into your lifestyle, I would recommend at least 1L/day for regular people and at least 2L/day if you have cancer/recovering from cancer as you need to constantly be giving your body alkalizing nutrition to build your immunity. As an overall rule, keep to 80% Base+Dark Leafy Greens, and 20% flavouring.

Journey to Healthy Living – Part 3 – 18 days Vegetable Juice Fast Journey

As some of you have read earlier, I am with my mum in Bangkok (yes, during the martial law!) for alternative cancer treatments that do not use the conventional chemotherapy and radiation. Juice fast is one of the elements in total program to help her recovery. My mum’s cancer markers have dropped from 16.5 on 29th March to 6.6 on 19th May. <2.5 would mean her markers are in normal, health range. YAY! Praise God for blessing us with this miracle for a stage 4 cancer patient 🙂 Not just her cancer is going into remission, my mum has been on high blood pressure medicine (Atenolol 50 mg, amLodipine 2.5mg) for 20 years, and on the raw diet, she is totally off her medication in under 2 months. She is checking her BP everyday now and it has stayed at 110/70 – 120/80. Needless to say, I have become a big convert to alternative ways of reversing cancer*, including Colonics, ElectroLymphatic Therapy (ELT) and today, I want to share my 18 days juice fast journey. Unlike Joe Cross …