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Detox Retreat @ The LifeCo Phuket

It has been almost 2 years since my last proper juice fast so N and I decided to head to Phuket to do a 3 day detox! The LifeCo Phuket is located around a lake, and is the newest kid on the block in Phuket to offer most natural solutions to fight against ageing and […]

The one villa in Phuket you have to experience…

Villa Noi is by far our best beach holiday and retreat experience. We hunt around a lot for deals on luxury boutique villas and yet Villa Noi has been able to surpass all our experience so far! Villa Noi is situated on Natai Beach, Phang Nha, just north of Phuket, just 25 minutes from the […]

Raw burger with red cabbage and mango salsa topping, 195B

Top 8 Healthy Organic Vegan Restaurants/ Cafes/ Wellness Centres in Phuket

Since we are vegans who try our hardest to be as raw and organic as possible in Singapore, we extended our hunt to Phuket for healthy, organic food and these are our top 8 #eatclean yummy picks! 1) We Café We Café is set up right next to a famous hydroponic farm – this is as […]

Aleenta, Phang Nga - beach

Aleenta @ Phang Nga (Phuket)

This is another post dated entry on a resort we like very much, but we only stayed for a short one day. Sister resort of Aleenta @ Huahin we stayed at recently, Aleenta @ Phang Nga (Phuket) was my first and beautiful encounter with Aleenta. In Phuket, Aleenta @ Phang Nga is definitely my top […]

Sala Phuket

I went to Sala Phuket a while ago, but Sala Phuket remains one of my favourite boutique resorts in the region so I decided to do a post-dated feature. I have also stayed in Marriott and Twin Palms in Phuket but looking back, the memories of Sala Phuket still beats the rest for me. Not […]