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Detox Retreat @ The LifeCo Phuket

It has been almost 2 years since my last proper juice fast so N and I decided to head to Phuket to do a 3 day detox! The LifeCo Phuket is located around a lake, and is the newest kid on the block in Phuket to offer most natural solutions to fight against ageing and diseases.

I decided to try out the LifeCo Phuket because I agree with their 360 degrees holistic approach together with healthy nutrition, anti-ageing and well-being therapies, prevention treatments for chronic diseases and cancer as well as pampering and beauty treatments alongside with spiritual therapies, all in the same complex. I love that they also have doctors and nurses – look forward to them giving the most updated and holistic advice for our health.

Holistic Detox @ The LifeCo

Holistic Detox @ The LifeCo

The LifeCo may be new in Phuket, but their first outlet in Turkey has been opened for more than 10 years. I was quite excited to know that celebrities fly themselves to The LifeCo in Turkey just to detox!

Lifeco's atas clients (Source: The LifeCo)

Lifeco’s atas clients (Source: The LifeCo)

We were warmly welcomed at the airport on a Monday night, and quickly ushered into a brand new mini-bus, and arrived at The LifeCo Phuket within 10 minutes.


Welcomed by nice artwork about The Lifeco’s beliefs about natural healing


The Lifeco’s beliefs about natural healing


It was also great to be welcomed by a salad. My first time ever in a hotel/resort 🙂



Welcomed by a salad


Modern resort rooms @ The LifeCo Phuket


Deluxe room with a view of the lake


Some rooms have a pool right in front!


Chillaxing area in front of the lake


Enforcing silence for everyone to enjoy


Basking in nature – great for mental detox!

Day 1

After an early night’s rest, we were told that I would start on Low Calorie Healthy Nutrition Program (so I get to try all the raw food!!). The very delicious low calorie meals prepared in LifeCo’s raw-vegan kitchen is supposed to make me younger with their anti-ageing effects, and help me reach my ideal weight.

For starters, I had a yummy dehyhrated seed sheets with vegan cheese. Yummylicious for someone who loves dairy but have inflammatory reactions to dairy.


Dehydrated yumz cracker with vegan cheese for breakfast on Low Calorie Diet

N would start on the hard core Master Cleanse Detox Program, which meant no solids. He would only have Shakes with Bentonite clay, wheatgrass and whole bunch of supplements. Master Detox is a program recommended especially for those who would like to get rid of toxic accumulation and lose weight. Because of the colon therapy and special food supplements included within the program, it’s very effective for cleansing and renewing the body.

Green Juices - part of the cleanse

Green Juices – part of the cleanse

Different detox programs available at The LifeCo Phuket

Different detox programs available at The LifeCo Phuket

Following that, we had a special lecture on the healing philosophies of the LifeCo by the founder, Mr Ersin. I feel that this center’s healing philosophy is very similar to my own when it comes to chronic diseases – we need to first focus on our diet, lifestyle and natural healing, making changes we can, rather than just relying on long term medication as a quick fix!

Mr Ersin giving us a welcome lecture on The Lifeco's philosophy

Mr Ersin giving us a welcome lecture on The Lifeco’s philosophy

We were then taken to take a live blood analysis. Given our usual effort to eat as clean as possible, and with high exposure to negative ions, our live blood results were pretty good other than the fact that we were slightly dehydrated (probably from the flight) and had some parasite, so we still need to add more probiotics to our diet! According to the expert doing our blood work, some people’s red blood cells are really clumped together and inactive meaning poor circulation. It was pretty cool being able to see my own white blood cell chasing a bacteria/parasite down through the giant TV linked to the microscope! We also got our body composition done to see breakdown of fat, muscle, water etc in our bodies. This will also us to track our improvements from the program.




Live Blood Analysis

As part of our Day 1 program, we also get a session with the chiropractor who is very experienced. He isn’t always in the centre so we are glad we managed to see him. He was very knowledgeable and could very quickly tell that my feet were not of the same length. And after his neck adjustment, my 2 feet were quickly aligned again! I see a chiropractor regularly in Singapore as well as I believe good spinal and muscular health is an important base to many autonomic functions in our body so I am really glad this centre has a chiropractor too. So holistic!


Professional chiropractic adjustment table

N getting adjusted

N getting adjusted

We also got to try out Sonic World exercise machine, which vibrates at different frequencies to help aid efficiency of exercises. There is also an inversion table to help with blood flow to the brain.. and of course it is a very exercise to build the core 😛


Lifeback to make exercise more efficient – Sonic World exercise machine


N doing inversion.. it was too scary for me :/

We also got exposed to the innovative BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy, which stimulate the body’s micro-circulation. Recent findings – related to the localized regulation of tissue blood supply and the overarching nervous regulation – have presented a promising method of using bio-rhythmically defined signals to generate a therapeutic physical stimulation of restricted or dysfunctional blood flow through organs. I could probably write a full article on this device as the science behind it is very cool! In essence, the improvement of microcirculation, i.e. blood flow to the smallest blood vessels, benefits our health,immune system and your overall sense of well-being.


N trying out the BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy

As we have not done a colon hydrotherapy for more than 1 year, we took it easy by starting with “Angel of Water“, which is colon cleansing without the aid of a nurse. Though colon cleansing is never comfortable for me, the post effect of me feeling light and clean in my colon is always worth it! (But important to replenish with good probiotics!!)

An open water system to help with colon cleansing. Source:

An open water system to help with colon cleansing. Source:

Just resting and enjoying the lake after trying whole bunch of cool things


Nature around the lake


Facial room, where they use natural skin care products for clients/patients


Areas to relax in different part of The Lifeco Phuket



Exercising to keep our lymphatic system going..


I feel relaxed just looking at this pic 🙂


Devices to stretch and exercise while enjoying the view

Day 2

I start to have a mild detox headache. I think I truly overuse my brain usually =/ But the raw food that takes so much time and effort to prepare lifts my spirit!


Raw sushi – using cauliflower as rice replacement


Taste as fresh and yummy as it looks 🙂


Experts estimate that there can be up to 100 times more enzymes in sprouts than uncooked fruits and vegetables 🙂 Sprouty lunch indeed!


Enjoying our juices and raw meals in alfresco bar area

My head still hurts. But the day is still beautiful. Today I get to enjoy Vitamin C IV drip, a quick and effective way to mop up free radicals in my blood stream! I also get to do a proper colonics with the help of a nurse, get a 60 mins Thai massage to move my lymphatics!


Me getting my Vitamin C IV drip


25g of Vitamin C IV to mop up free radicals in my body!

Clean and comfortable clinic to get my IV drips

Clean and comfortable clinic to get my IV drips

In the evening, we also took the shuttle bus out to the beautiful beach nearby but it got dark so fast we couldn’t get any pictures!

For those looking for a ‘flexible’ detox where you can also eat other things, then don’t read further. This is a results oriented detox so 1.5 hour yoga means 1.5 hours, only juice means only juice. The staff will refuse to feed you anything else. You can’t just do 20 mins yoga and be lazy. Also no outside food allowed!!  🙂



Yoga area


Don’t all these shots make you feel relaxed just by looking at them? 🙂

LifeCo-Phuket-30 LifeCo-Phuket-31 LifeCo-Phuket-33 LifeCo-Phuket-34 LifeCo-Phuket-35



Raw Vegan Lasagna

Day 3

I started with a perfect raw apricot porridge for breakfast. It was a beautiful dish with amazing taste, complete with granolas and sprouted nuts. YUMZ.


Raw apricot porridge… tastes as gorgeous as it looks 🙂

Though I had a mild headache, this breakfast gave me good energy as I soon needed to stand in front of a bunch of experts to give a scientific health talk on the health benefits of negative ions in their very own library! But I was glad for their openness despite being very healthy folks. I also enjoy their educational books about health in the library a lot.



Health talk and demos in progress


Books about healthy living to educate our mind

Books about healthy living to educate our mind

In the afternoon, I got my chelation IV done. I have done 6 sessions before, and I could usually smell heavy metallic smell in my pee so I am glad I am ridding heavy metals from my body with this therapy. But this was also the strongest therapy that got me giddy and pukey. But don’t be scared off! I am just the kind who want to maximise my time so I go for the strongest detox and deal with the effects accordingly 😛 N didn’t do the chelation but was feeling pukey nonetheless from his powerful Master Cleanse.



Walnut Pates.. taste like meat, without the guilt


Flaxseed wraps with spices and strawberry sauce!


N’s supplements – part of the Master Cleanse



Achieving “noodle” texture with corn. I could have this raw Pad Thai everyday 🙂


Raw Coco-Chocolate yummyness

Day 4 

It is time to grab an early morning flight home for work in the afternoon. I wish I could stay longer as I know my body has only just started to clean up! I had already lost 2 kg and feeling more energetic from all the good micronutrients in the nutrition dense low calorie raw food.

On the plane home, I can’t help but think how thankful I am for Ersin and his beautiful team for setting this up in Phuket. In just under 2 hours now, I now have a haven I can retreat for top quality detox! Will aim to be back every 6 months for a reboot.


Bye to this peaceful place..

Details of what is included in the Basic Detox Therapy Program:

Basic Detox

And only for you Eatprayflying readers, when doing your booking with The LifeCo Phuket, please quote “TLCEPF” [The Lifeco-Eatprayflying] when emailing for your booking and you will be entitled to 5% off your stay! Terms and Conditions apply.

The LifeCo Contacts:


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