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Raw burger with red cabbage and mango salsa topping, 195B

Top 8 Healthy Organic Vegan Restaurants/ Cafes/ Wellness Centres in Phuket

Since we are vegans who try our hardest to be as raw and organic as possible in Singapore, we extended our hunt to Phuket for healthy, organic food and these are our top 8 #eatclean yummy picks! 1) We Café We Café is set up right next to a famous hydroponic farm – this is as […]

Raw vegan cheesy kale chips

Recipe: Raw Vegan “Cheesy” Kale Chips

We are in the midst of creating healthy snacks for ourselves, so after experimenting with raw vegan chips a few times, this is the recipe that creates the most cheesy, yummy kale chips that even non-veggie lover friends and family are raving about (and ask us to make more of!) For health benefits of kale, […]

Fit Fot Life Event Invite

Event Invite: “Living Foods for Breakfast” Lesson Session 2

*Special treat for Eatprayflying readers – read on for more details* Back by popular demand (the last learning event was fully booked!), Eatprayflying celebrates our 1st anniversary by presenting to you “Living Foods for Breakfast” event again. As I written in my previous entries, living raw food full of enzymes is very important for our health. So […]

Hypothyroidism Recovery without Conventional Medication – Testimonial

Kickstarting my health transformation series with my father in law’s testimonial on not relying on medication for Hypothyroidism. In April 2014, he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, with TSH , Thyroid peroxidase Ab and Thyroglobulin Ab all above normal range. He had feel feeling fatigued for some time despite exercising very regularly. He was advised to […]

LivinGreens @ Rangoon Road

LivinGreens (I used to confuse myself by searching for Living Greens!), an organic vegan cafe, is a blessing to my mum and family. Ms Barbara Chin, the owner and chef of LivinGreens, has years of experience taking care of cancer patients so she is very aware of patients’ dietary needs. All her food sauces and salad dressings […]

Afterglow @ Keong Saik

This is my first food entry since I turned vegan and 80% raw. I was very excited to find Afterglow @ Keong Saik which has been opened since beginning of 2014. Because it also means I can prepare 1 less meal at home as it is not easy to find organic, vegan AND raw cafes […]

Event Invite: “Living Foods for Breakfast” Learning Session

I am so excited to be invited to the “Living Foods for Breakfast” Event! As I written in my previous entries, living raw food full of enzymes is very important for our health. So this is an opportunity to learn to make Raw, Living Foods – Juice, Smoothies, Ice Cream – for breakfast! Date: 28 […]