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Mum’s Stage 4 Colon Cancer Recovery Journey – Part 3

Looking to the Distance

Now that mum’s Stage 4 Colon Cancer is in remission, with her PET-CT scan showing resolved metabolic activity and her CEA markers consistently in normal range, there are days even I tend to forget the details of this blessed journey we have been on this year. It has really been a very epic year from being told my mum had stage 4 cancer in February when all we thought she had was irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms, to being told in March she only had 6 months to live if she didn’t do chemotherapy, to her being in remission by June and now even healthier than before, without no need of take her high blood pressure medication which she was had been taking for the last 20 years. ALL this took place in the same year!

Hence, I decided I will be slowly documenting our journey to capture God’s blessings every step of the way, to remind us to be thankful for everyday and also to let all of you out there who might be going through similar struggles to know that you are not alone, and you too can overcome cancer.

Continuing from Part 1 and Part 2, on Feb 24, Mum was discharged to go home to recuperate as she needed to rest for 1 week before her colon re-section surgery on Mar 3 to remove the primary tumour. The rest was needed for her intestines which had been stretched from the constipation (due to tumour blockage) to contract back, and for the intestinal walls to thicken so that the intestines were strong enough for the operation on Mar 3. She was ordered not to eat fibrous food as it might push the stent out of position again. So we fed her a lot of carbs and meat for her to recuperate, which in retrospect, now that we have learnt how sugar and casein protein aids cancer cell growth, was such a bad idea!

Every night, mum, my husband and I would pray together. One day, my mum asked if she would be healed as she was feeling afraid. That same day, when we read our devotion together, it said,

“Could Israel defeat such a formidable foe? It was humanly impossible! They had neither the manpower nor the military hardware. But they had one thing that worked for them and that was all they needed. They had God’s promise: “With these 300 men I will rescue you and give you victory” (v.7 nlt). The result? Victory!

Are you facing a formidable challenge? The Lord has said, “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?” (Jer. 32:27).

With God, all things are possible.

[It] happens to all of us. Just when life seems to be humming along smoothly, something as simple as a trip to the restroom turns into one little surprise after another. There’s probably no way to avoid such unwanted twists—but we can control our reaction to them.”

God was indeed kind to encourage us to keep us hopeful in the days we were most frightened and afraid. And we chose to count our blessings – the stent was successfully deployed, so mum didn’t need an emergency surgery to remove the main tumour, as it surgery was risky for patients with very thin intestinal walls, like my mum.

But this was going to be an emotionally tough week. My husband was overseas in HK after work, and the whole family was obviously depressed. It was so ridiculous that once on most days, when my head hit the pillow. I would be so tired and fall asleep. But now I was so sad with this literal pain in my heart that I couldn’t sleep. I lay on my bed, tossing and turning for a long time, and I usually gave up trying to sleep. Then I would turn on my phone and continue to read online, more and more about cancer treatments. The more I looked at conventional treatments and the statistics the treatments held for my mum, the sadder I felt. So I started reading up on alternative treatments, but for some reason, all the websites looked so dodgy.

On Feb 26, while I was still researching alternative healing methods, we brought mum to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor I had consulted previously to improve my general health. Interestingly, he agreed that the main tumour should be removed to improve her digestive system because in TCM, being able to digest well is  of utmost importance to one’s immunity. However, he was the first person to advise against chemotherapy to get rid of “leftover” cancer mets in the lungs. He shared that he had successfully reversed multiple cancers over 6-9 months and he believes the toxicity of the chemotherapy drug, even if it shrank the cancer initially, it could cause the cancer cells to grow back in full force when mum is off the chemo drugs because her own immunity would have been harmed and become unable to kill off the cancer cells. We took his advice with a pinch of salt, as we believed then, that conventional medicine is always the better researched and “safest” way to go to cure illnesses. But I was thankful that this Christian TCM doctor encouraged my mum not to fear, but to look to the Lord in hopefulness. Being fearful, he said, would worsen her immunity and that would make the cancer grow faster. We started her on TCM herbal medicine to build up her immunity for her operation on Mar 3.

Because my mum’s mets were in the lung, I wanted to get an air purifier for her to clean the air that would be entering her lungs. I was told about a negative ion air machine, which I bought, and the lady owner was very kind to offer me a free session on Feb27, on another even more powerful negative ion energy machine that it is supposed to help my mum’s immunity. But this machine needed to be in skin contact with my mum for 20 minutes followed by 1 hour break, before she could do the next 20 minutes session. I felt a little crazy trusting in such un-heard-of technology, even though I knew there was a whole hospital in Japan that ran on this negative ion machine. But still, this negative ion technology seemed so outlandish. Honestly, I was kind of desperate, and since doing something is better than doing nothing, I rented it this machine for 3 days so my mum could have continuous therapy at home before her operation on Monday (Mar 3).

I felt God telling me that night, almost audibly – “You are mine, so is your mum”.

(to be continued)

Mum’s Stage 4 Colon Cancer Recovery Journey Series:

The complementary treatments my mum underwent to put her cancer into remission:

  1. Raw DietVegan Diet and Juice Fast
  2. Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT)
  3. Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)
  4. Nefful Negative Ion Clothings from Japan
  5. Saline Flush, Coffee Enema, Wheatgrass Implant, Probiotic Implant
  6. Vitamin C High Dose IV
  7. Vitamin B17
  8. Ozone Therapy
  9. Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT)
  10. Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)
  11. Breathing and Pilates Classes

The doctor (he lives what he preaches, on 100% raw, vegan diet) who treated my mum, and health educator who transformed the way I look at a “healthy” lifestyle:



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