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10 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Life

The New Year has come and gone and we are already midway through Jan! I am sure many of us made goals or New Year’s resolutions such as weight loss goals, exercise goals, or perhaps financial goals. Whatever your goals for 2018 may be, if you are already NOT sticking to them, you may want […]

PH360 – World’s First Personalized Health Tool

I have recently been given the privilege to be one of the pioneers in Singapore to experience a new personalized health assessment tool you can do on your own in the comfort of your home called PH360, which stands for having a 360 degrees view on your Personal Health. PH360 is created by internationally renowned health […]

Healthy (and convenient) snack options in Singapore!

Ever since I turned 100% vegan and as raw as I be, one consistent challenge at 9pm that N and I face is – “We are so hungry and we have run out of juice/blends. What do we eat?” This puts us face to face with temptation.. Do we cook something convenient like instant noodles […]

Top 6 Food Ingredients that is making you sick… (and more likely to get Cancer)

Before my mum was diagnosed with cancer, I hardly read food labels. Because I struggled with my weight, the most I would do is to glance at the calories and fat levels before deciding on the purchase. Now that I am aware and actively checking ingredient lists, it shocks me how much potentially harmful ingredients […]

Peek into the Life of Health and Nutrition Guru – Mr Jack Cross

The integrated oncology centre where my mum is recovering from her Stage 4 Colon Cancer has a Lifestyle Program called School of Life – a comprehensive program to help educate my mum to keep cancer at changing her lifestyle and to maintain when we return home  . This lifestyle program encompasses: Education classes – to teach […]

Vino di Zanotti Italian Food @ Khaoyai, Thailand

I am so excited to write this post because Vino di Zanotti @ Khaoyai is easily one of the best Italian meals I ever had! Vino Khaoyai is opened by the main Zanotti Group, which has a few restaurants throughout Thailand focused on fine dining and quality Italian products. Vino is just opposite Palio, so it’s relatively easy […]

Palio Khaoyai

If you want to feel like you are in Italy (or Europe) in this part of the world in Asia, Palio is the place to go! Palio is a shopping centre housed in a picturesque village on the way to the entrance of Khao Yai National Park, about 2 hours drive from Bangkok. This cluster of strikingly […]