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Lunch Treat for 21 Special Teenagers from Mountbatten Vocational School @ French Ladle

Those who have been following EatPrayFlying would know one of our purposes is to grow to a decent readership to help with social causes, related to children, learning and old folks. Hence, I am so glad that I manage to marry my full time work with EatPrayFlying, where my team at work helped to organize […]

(Behind the Scenes) Empower Me Series for Women – Gala Premiere @ Tangs, Orchard

Even though I don’t work on the SK-II business, I was privileged to be able to attend the SK-II Corporate Social Responsibility Event (CSR) at Tangs Seviin yesterday as a #PGemp. I need to apologize for the lousy paparazzi-like photos because I self-invited myself and rushed down last minute so I was shooting with my […]

About Us

Eatprayflying (Since Sep 2013) Eat | Pray | Fly = Food | Cancer&Health | Travel Improving our Health by Empowering through Knowledge The Blogger A reformed food blogger with a passion for Health&Nutrition, Cancer&Integrated Oncology, People&Coaching, Learning&Thinking and Travel. I was Group Manager in an MNC for close to a decade. In the course of my career, I have been particularly passionate […]

Lend a Helping Hand to a Child TODAY by shopping at Watsons!

I am so glad to finally be able to share on a social cause that can help the community! I am really keen on corporate social responsibility (CSR) because I believe the scale of corporations can sometimes achieve a lot more for the needy than if we were to help as individuals, and serving a […]

Why Social Cause?

Quite a few people have told me that it’s a interesting cause I am writing for, and that they like the big idea of helping kids from developing countries see the outside world. Reflecting, I have always been wanting to help others in some capacity. But when I started work, I figured that I first […]

Special Olympics

Before I worked on the Special Olympics tie-up with P&G in Singapore, I didn’t know anything about it. I even thought it was linked to the Olympics.  After organizing Special Olympics tie-up as trade marketing in 2011 as #pgemp, and then executing it in trade with Fairprice in 2013,  I find Special Olympics a really […]


Today, i restart journalling. It’s been years since I last blogged. I stopped because I prioritized working. I stopped partly because I was always torn between writing what I want to write, the way I want to write it versus writing it so people would read. I also stopped because I didn’t like reading “hater” […]