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Recipe: Daily Green Smoothie

We take our green smoothie every morning, thanks to my loving husband who makes them!! Yield: ~1.5litres Basic Ingredients Water – 500 ml filtered/distilled water Ginger – 1 inch 400gm dark leafy greens [1 kind a day e.g kale, kai lan, bak choy, spinach etc… which ever you prefer – always rotate your greens!] Apple – 1 [core removed] Banana – 1 Chia seed – 1.5 table spoon Other sweet fruits you can mix occasionally like mangoes, but always try to keep to 80% vegetables Simple Instructions Place Chia seeds into blender Pour the water [I like it chilled] over it and let it soak for 10 mins Wash and slice ginger, apple and banana [usually freeze banana overnight] before placing into the blender Place dark leafy greens last Blend for 40 sec. Enjoy!

PH360 – World’s First Personalized Health Tool

I have recently been given the privilege to be one of the pioneers in Singapore to experience a new personalized health assessment tool you can do on your own in the comfort of your home called PH360, which stands for having a 360 degrees view on your Personal Health. PH360 is created by internationally renowned health expert, Matt Riemann, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness 9 years ago. Since then, he has spent the past decade gathering an international team of collaborators who are leading scientists, researchers, medical doctors and health professionals with expertise in the fields of anthropometry, endocrinology, molecular biology, epigenetics, phenotypology, nutrigenomics and neuroscience, to tackle this seemingly impossible task. Since then, he has not just recovered but in 2014, Riemann and his team launched the world’s first personalised health tool PH360 based on gene expression, combining concepts of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and conventional medicine to produce a platform with the ability to predict the exact foods, fitness, environments and lifestyle – or epigenetic factors – to make intuitive decisions for one to stay healthy and avoid disease. So, to start …

Great video resources for cancer patients!

My mum and I watched a lot of encouraging videos during her recovery journey that not just lifted our spirits, but also educated our minds. These are great videos on health for everyone, really. Not just cancer patients. Sharing this collection of free videos I could find online to encourage you all too! Please let me know if there are more I can add to this list! Forbidden Cures of Cancer: Dying to Have Known (Gerson Therapy): Cancer is Curable Now: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (Reversing Autoimmune Disease with juicing): Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (with Raw Food diet) Thrive (Bear with the first 20 minutes that might seem so out-there but the second half include interesting perspectives on health industry) Feature photo source:

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 – Movie Premiere in Singapore

My mum and I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 on the first day of our vegetable juice fast and it really motivated us to keep going. In the first movie, Joe Cross did a 60 days Juice Fast with amazing health benefits, and the second one is coming to Singapore! YAY! If you know anyone trying to lose weight, reverse an auto-immune problem, struggling with juice fast or just trying to be healthy, this is a GREAT opportunity to meet with Joe Cross and be inspired by his health transformation! I am so excited that Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 will be launching in Singapore. Movie Premiere details: Location: GV Vivo Max Date: 3 December (Wed) Time: 7pm Cost: Tickets @ $49 (Early bird price $44 before 7/11/14) for the movie premiere and get to meet Joe Cross personally and be inspired! Get your tickets directly here! Trailer: —- Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead was about Joe Cross, who was 100 pounds overweight and taking medication everyday for an autoimmune disease in 2007, and why he …

Documentary: “Cancer is Curable now”!

This is one of the best and most encouraging videos for cancer patients and their families. It offers hope with sound scientific therapies. All of us have cancer cells in us but the reason why it doesn’t proliferate is because our immunity is doing its job! So this is excellent cancer prevention video to watch for us all! Feature image from

DIY Raw Lasagna (Raw-sagna!) at Phuket Cleanse

Event: Quick Start to Healthy Eating class

I made 2 amazing new friends, Viv Sutanto and Michele Fernyhough, who are Holistic Chefs from Conscious Cuisine. They are passionate about healthy eating and spreading the knowledge to others about how we can make healthy food delicious as well! Both of them are experienced, certified holistic chefs and health educators from Pure Joy Academy in the USA but they have no airs about them and are just such a pleasure to learn from! They will be running their last lesson of the year – Quick Start to Healthy Eating coming Monday. After that, they are heading to Bali for 3 weeks to teach healthy food making there! Date: October 21, 2014 Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 am Cost: $125 Venues: The Living Cafe – 779 Bukit Timah Road In this class, they will be teaching the class how to prepare healthy and nutritious living foods for you and the whole family with the menu below: Menu: Vitality green juice Berry blast smoothie Creamy dairy free nut milks Healthy chia breakfast parfait Fresh fruit granola Spicy nut pate Super …

If you or your loved ones have a Mercury Dental filling, read this!

I have always viewed mercury dental fillings as a norm of life. I don’t have them because I was vain and opted for composite fillings because they were prettier, but everyone else in my family have mercury dental fillings. However, when I brought my mum to the integrated oncology clinic, the first question the doctors asked her was whether she had mercury fillings and she was to remove them immediately! The episode made me think – if they deliver new mercury to dentists in a “bio-hazard” box to make fillings, and they also transport mercury away from the dentists after removal in a “bio-hazard” box to ensure no poisoning, WHY is the only safe place for mercury in our mouths? Video: This dramatic video of mercury vapor leaking gas from a “silver amalgam” dental filling has outraged the world since it was first demonstrated at an International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) meeting in 1995. Mercury may be odorless, colorless, tasteless and toxic, but mercury vapor casts a shadow in black light! Mercury is not …

What Causes Cancer? A shocking truth..

I was shocked the first time I heard how and WHY cancer happened. I was also surprised that the medical doctors I have met throughout this journey never explained to me WHY cancer happens at the first place, because we need to know the WHY to get to the prevention/improvement. This 8 minute video by Shafin de Zane explains well the cancer happens at the first place because our cells are trying to protect itself by mutating, otherwise it would die because it is swimming in a sea of toxins. And also, it shares how cancer can be prevented quite easily. Please do watch this and share with others! Here are many other great video resources to encourage cancer patients and their family! My mum and I watched a lot of encouraging videos during her recovery journey that not just lifted our spirits, but also educated our minds. These are great videos on health for everyone, really. Not just cancer patients. Sharing this collection of free videos I could find online to encourage you all too! Please …

Looking to the Distance

Mum’s Stage 4 Colon Cancer Recovery Journey – Part 6

Now that mum’s Stage 4 Colon Cancer is in remission with her PET-CT scan showing resolved metabolic activity and her CEA markers consistently in normal range, there are days even I tend to forget the details of this blessed journey we have been on this year. It has really been a very epic year from being told my mum had stage 4 cancer in February when all she had was irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms, to being told in March she only had 6 months to live if she didn’t do chemotherapy, to her being in remission by Jun and now even healthier than before, without having to take her high blood pressure medication she was taking for 20 years before this. ALL in the same year! Hence, I decided I will be slowly write on our journey to capture God’s blessings every step of the way, to remind us to be thankful for everyday and also to let all of you out there who might be going through similar struggles to know that you …

Purwa Water Distiller

Water Distiller: Purwa Water Distiller

After sharing with many people my concern on over-chlorination in our drinking water, quite a few people have asked me which water distiller I use. I use the Purwa Water Distiller. Firstly, what is distillation? Distillation is nature’s way of cleaning water. Water evaporates from the earth’s surface after rain, leaving impurities behind, and re-condenses into clouds to produce rain. Distillation process replicates this same mechanism. “Distillation is a water purification process that uses a heat source to vaporize water and separate it from contaminants and other undesirable elements commonly found in ground and surface water. Distillation heats raw (untreated) water until the water reaches its boiling point and begins to vaporize. The heat is then kept at a constant temperature to maintain water vaporization while prohibiting other undesirable elements from vaporizing. Water has a lower boiling point than salt and other mineral sediments. This process also separates the water molecules from microscopic, disease-causing organisms. Once all of the water has vaporized, the vapor is led into a condenser, where, upon cooling, the water reverts …